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━━━━ Anesu Nyawata | Guard | Rhodes College | Class of 2018

Master your skills from a former college athlete

Ness Skills and Drills is a personalized basketball training program aimed at helping young athletes elevate their game to the next level. We provide the fundamentals and tools to train committed players in the Montgomery County, MD area who are dedicated to achieving their goals.

meet the coach:
Anesu Nyawata

As a former starter at Georgetown Prep and leading scorer & captain at Rhodes College - Anesu Nyawata has committed to passing down his education and training to the next generation of athletes from Montgomery County. Being well-versed and connected in the area; his expertise provides focused, individual training for athletes ranging from grade school to the collegiate and professional level.

The Process

Set and Achieve goals

Every player in our program will receive a journal to track their goals and keep themselves accountable.

Master Skills

Your child will master both basic fundamentals and advanced skills of the game through intense, game-like repetition.

Unleash Confidence

The ultimate goal of this program is to not only bring your child’s skills to the next level, but also their confidence so that they can preform these skills at a high level in ANY environment.

Shooting Lessons

Ball Handling and dribbling lessons



conditioning sessions

complete player workouts

What people have to say

"Coach Ness is great! His skills and drills training has made my son a better player. He has reached another level of confidence. Coach Ness is very transparent and I am truly happy to have found him/his program. My son always looks forward to his training day. I highly recommend skills and drills with Coach Ness."

Maria Torralba


What people have to say

"Great program! My 12 yr old son loves it and has improved so much since he started. Coach Ness is top notch. Wish we had started his program sooner. Highly recommend!"

Edgar Artiga

December 19, 2023

What people have to say

"My son has been participating in Coach Ness’s workouts for that past couple of months and I’ve seen significant improvement in his dribbling and shooting. I highly recommend this program!!"

Paul Deverger

December 19, 2023

What people have to say

"We were amazed at how quickly our son's basketball skills improved with Coach Ness. Our son was able to make his school team because of Coach Ness's instruction and motivation, and we're now in a long-term relationship with Coach."

Michael Sussman

December 19, 2023

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