The Importance of Nutrition

May 6, 2023

"You are what you eat"  is advice that I did not take seriously until the later stages of my career. The importance of nutrition for sports performance is no secret, however many young athletes do not take heed of its impact.

Don't get me wrong, there are good players with bad dietary habits, but by that same logic there are also good players who can’t shoot; that doesn't mean you should neglect shooting in your child's training regimen; the same goes for nutrition. You want your child to do everything within reason to maximize their chances of success and nutrition is something that can be improved with a few simple tweaks.

Eating better does not have to consist of a fancy diet or a vegan lifestyle overhaul. In fact, small adjustments can make a world of difference in this regard. For example, snacking on fruits and nuts instead of candy and chips can go a long way. Adjustments can be made when your child eats out:

1) Brown rice instead of white rice at Chipotle

2) Salad Bowl instead of rice bowl at Chipotle

3) Grilled chicken sandwich instead of original chicken sandwich at Chic Fil A

These are just a few examples of minor tweaks that can go a long way over time. The food that we eat is ultimately what fuels our body; you wouldn't put low grade engine oil in a car if you wanted it to run correctly would you? The same concept applies here; give your child's body the optimal fuel that it needs to succeed.

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