When Adversity Strikes

May 6, 2023

Adversity goes hand in hand with the game of basketball. Whether it be workouts, practices, or actual games, players, coaches and parents have to face a variety of roadblocks when it comes to the game. Players that have faced adversity and know how to overcome it tend to fare better when faced with it. These types of players are mentally tough. 

So how do you help your child face adversity? First and foremost you have to let them face it. Keeping them away from tough situations to protect them becomes counterintuitive at a certain point. They might be facing an injury, or maybe they are in a shooting slump or their playing time has decreased. Whatever the case these types of situations are an opportunity to grow.  Encourage them to work hard and overcome these obstacles so that they can come out on the other side with more confidence and composure than they had before.

Telling them to overcome does NOT mean that you shouldn't show your child sympathy in times of adversity, rather, couple that sympathy with some encouragement to rise above the situation.

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